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Who is Granny Moon?

Granny Moon is the labor of love from mom, plant & herbalism enthusiast, and weirdo with a heart of gold Megan Stotts. Megan brings her knowledge about and passion for traditional healing modalities and folklore to Granny Moon soaps.


She is also passionate about community work and keeping money in local small businesses and union stores. By locally sourcing as many ingredients as possible, she sustains the businesses that feed her family, friends, and community.

The "Granny" in the name is a shout out to Megan's way-back grandmother Magdalena, a Northen Appalachian healer who visited patients on horseback when she wasn't caring for her 10 children. "Moon" is a tip of the hat to the Appalachian practice of farming and cooking by the signs of the moon, a practice Megan uses in her soap making.

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